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Apr. 3rd, 2017 09:48 am
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Eichi Tenshouin

AGE: 19
SEEKING: Friends and Rivals alike ♥
ABOUT ME: My name is Eichi Tenshouin, but some call me "Emperor." I'm the leader of the unit "Fine" of Yumenosaki Academy, a high school for idols. I also happen to be Student Council President and head of the tea club. I enjoy drinking tea among the flowers and performing, and I hope to connect with everyone's hearts. If we meet, it must be destiny, don't you think?


Dec. 18th, 2016 01:32 pm
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Let me know how I'm doing!
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▷ First Impressions
▶ VISUAL: He's fairly tall for his age at 179cm (5'10") and weighs 59kg (130lbs). He has blonde hair that ends below his jaw, and his bangs are very long and fall in his face. He has blue eyes and always dresses very neatly, used to the prim and proper ways of his upbringing. Oh, and he's left handed!
▶ AURAL: You can hear him here! His voice is very smooth, and he speaks a little slowly and very calm and clear. What's odd is his actual word choice. Eichi is a guy who uses tons of metaphors that usually are out of nowhere, can be suddenly graphic, and tends to ramble. He kind of has no filter with most things and just says what he's thinking and keeps going, so most people comment that he comes off as odd or even scary because of that and his reputation.
▶ OLFACTORY: He smells like tea and flowers since he spends so much of his time around both. It's a pleasant, faint smell.
▶ DEMEANOUR: He holds himself like any rich boy could be expected to. He stands tall, dresses nicely and uses sweeping hand gestures that give him a sense of elegance. He's always smiling, but it's usually a calm, polite looking thing rather than anything actually cheery, and he tends to express himself more clearly through his eyes than anything else. Even if he keeps smiling, his eyes will show if he's angry, excited, determined, or so on.
▷ IC Permissions
▶ PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION: I'm down for this kind of thing, but just hit me up to talk it out!
▶ MEDICAL INFORMATION: He's not healthy at all. Born with a hereditary illness that will eventually end in death, Eichi has a very difficult time in cold weather especially. His heart is weak, and he's been shown to have trouble with breathing when he overexerts himself, or in some cases even when he just takes a small jog. His health varies depending on the weather and the day, but on his worst days he can suffer from coughing fits, losing consciousness, coughing up blood, vomiting, and being too weak to even lift his own spoon or walk. On better days, he can walk around and do things as normal, but even then he has to be careful not to overdo it.
▶ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Eichi tends to be a little graphic out of nowhere and is also very manipulative, so those are his main offensive points. He can sometimes bring up quotes from dictators as if they're people to look up to, or talk about blood or his own death to excessive degrees. He's selfish and is known to use people. But he's still just an idol boy, so it probably won't be too extreme.
▷ OOC Permissions
▶ BACKTAGGING: To a point! I tend to be fast paced, so sometimes I drop older threads in favor of new ones. I'm always open to handwaving or making exceptions!
▶ THREADHOPPING: Sure! Just ask if it's a serious thread. Silly ones you don't have to ask.
▶ FOURTHWALLING: No, please.

▶ ANYTHING ELSE? That's it!
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